How To: Import Data into HeartStar

Note: Importing data is supported by HeartStar version 2.1 and above. 

It's easy to import blood pressure data into HeartStar. Just follow these steps. 

Step #1 - Export existing data in CSV format

First, you'll need a CSV (comma separated values) file that contains your blood pressure data.

If you use an existing application or service to track your blood pressure, chances are that it can export your data in .csv format. In particular, HeartStar supports importing CSV files produced by the following apps and services:
  • Blood Pressure Companion
  • HeartPal
  • BPMonitor
  • iBP
  • iHealth
  • Withings
  • HealthVault
  • SmartBP
  • Blood Pressure Tracker
Include the heart rate in the data that is saved if the app provides this as an option. Also, be sure to save your data in a file with the extension .csv so that HeartStar will understand it contains data to be imported. 

Step #2 - Open the CSV file with HeartStar

To import your data into HeartStar, you'll need to upload the CSV file to your iOS device. Here are two ways to accomplish this:
  1. Email the CSV file to yourself. Open the email on your iOS device. Tap and hold the attached CSV file. Choose to open the file with HeartStar.
  2. If you are a DropBox user and you have the DropBox app installed on your iOS device, you can open the CSV file with HeartStar through the DropBox app. First, upload the file to your DropBox account. Then, on your iOS device, navigate to the CSV file in your DropBox app and choose to open it with HeartStar.

Step #3 - Select a user

Once you open your CSV file with HeartStar, you will be asked to choose an existing user with whom the data will be associated. After you choose the user, tap Import and your data will be imported.

Need Help?

Every app that creates a CSV file of measurements uses its own file format.  This format is not documented or standardized, and it can be changed by the app vendor at any time.  Because of this, HeartStar will occasionally not be able to import measurements.  Please contact the HeartStar team if you run into problems importing measurements, and we will address these for you right away.

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